School Enrolment policies

Like them or hate them every school in the country has one. Schools with dwindling pupil numbers don’t necessarily ever need to use them though. Whereas schools with large enrolments are forced into picking and choosing.

If as parents you find yourself on the wrong end of one, it can be deeply distressing or on the right end can be deeply relieving. Schools have and will always rely on it’s community to keep it going. Schools like so many services in the state are underfunded, so rely on parents and others generosity to keep going. This is true of private or public schools. Therefore enrolment policies act like a reward to protect this community. Religious beliefs or ethos being generally one of the top ones, followed by brothers and sisters of existing pupils and probably then children of old scholars. These policies reward it’s community but at the same time can discriminate against parents new to the area.

The government is looking at legislation in this area but how would you choose?


The Oughterard Holiday & Angling Centre

We were coming to Oughterard and I, as usual, didn’t put a whole lot of planning in and just Googled “Oughterard” and “Hostel” and out popped the The Oughterard Holiday & Angling Centre and I rang Mike who was very pleasant on the phone and more than happy to allow us arrive a little later than normal at 10.30pm.  


The first impression of our bedroom was good. I was delighted to see we had an ensuite, in fact 7 out of 9 do. The Hostel can cater for up to 42 people.

Mike is a former Irish international angler and he has lots of trophies on display. He offers onsite angling training on his purpose built ponds, which are stocked with Rainbow & Brown trout. He will also organise for gillies to take residents out on the nearby loch Corrib.  

    Of course there are many more reasons to visit apart from fishing,local amenities include Horse Riding, Golf, bike hire, Walking and Glengowla mines and Aughnanure Castle to name a few and Oughterard is in walking distance for many excellent bars and restaurants.

Would I return? Absolutely but don’t take my word for it. The walls are adorned with many thank you cards sent by previous guests. 



A run a day for lent 2014

Lent for me traditionally is a great excuse to try and lose some weight. I try to give up everything and hopefully, by Easter Sunday, I will of managed to have to kept something up!

As a Quaker I was never raised to honour Lent, probably as we would be expected to enjoy everything in moderation. It also might not of been good for a few former Quaker businesses the likes of Terry’s, Cadburys, Rowntrees, Frys, Jacobs & Bewleys.

This year while doing the whole giving up thing, chocolate, biscuits, sweets, desserts & Alcohol, I decided to try and do something for it as well. So I started on Ash Wednesday with a Goal of running for at least 30 minutes each day of Lent. At this point I discovered Lent actually covers a period of 46 Days but Sundays are “allowed off”. As a Quaker I was raised to live everyday as the Lord’s Day so Lent just became 46 days running!

The first few days were a huge struggle with fitness and mentally with the length of the challenge! Other times had the challenges with colds & coughs, wind & rain, Long days with work or school committees. Even had the challenge of fitting them in while studying for my Sage CRM exams in the UK.

When i got to day 30 I was disappointed that mentally I seemed to barely achieve the 30 minutes and not go any further, so I upped my expectation to time = day number ie day 31 I had to at least run 31 minutes and so on. Being mentally a very stubborn person and with the encouragement from people on Facebook and Twitter, I managed to achieve my goal.

I’m not sure my runners will ever be the same again though!


Thanks for reading.


It seems to me that society seems to place less and less emphasis on being truthful. Should we accept that politicians lie to us? Is it acceptable to tell a supplier that the cheque is in the post?