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School Enrolment policies

Like them or hate them every school in the country has one. Schools with dwindling pupil numbers don’t necessarily ever need to use them though. Whereas schools with large enrolments are forced into picking and choosing.

If as parents you find yourself on the wrong end of one, it can be deeply distressing or on the right end can be deeply relieving. Schools have and will always rely on it’s community to keep it going. Schools like so many services in the state are underfunded, so rely on parents and others generosity to keep going. This is true of private or public schools. Therefore enrolment policies act like a reward to protect this community. Religious beliefs or ethos being generally one of the top ones, followed by brothers and sisters of existing pupils and probably then children of old scholars. These policies reward it’s community but at the same time can discriminate against parents new to the area.

The government is looking at legislation in this area but how would you choose?