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A run a day for lent 2014

Lent for me traditionally is a great excuse to try and lose some weight. I try to give up everything and hopefully, by Easter Sunday, I will of managed to have to kept something up!

As a Quaker I was never raised to honour Lent, probably as we would be expected to enjoy everything in moderation. It also might not of been good for a few former Quaker businesses the likes of Terry’s, Cadburys, Rowntrees, Frys, Jacobs & Bewleys.

This year while doing the whole giving up thing, chocolate, biscuits, sweets, desserts & Alcohol, I decided to try and do something for it as well. So I started on Ash Wednesday with a Goal of running for at least 30 minutes each day of Lent. At this point I discovered Lent actually covers a period of 46 Days but Sundays are “allowed off”. As a Quaker I was raised to live everyday as the Lord’s Day so Lent just became 46 days running!

The first few days were a huge struggle with fitness and mentally with the length of the challenge! Other times had the challenges with colds & coughs, wind & rain, Long days with work or school committees. Even had the challenge of fitting them in while studying for my Sage CRM exams in the UK.

When i got to day 30 I was disappointed that mentally I seemed to barely achieve the 30 minutes and not go any further, so I upped my expectation to time = day number ie day 31 I had to at least run 31 minutes and so on. Being mentally a very stubborn person and with the encouragement from people on Facebook and Twitter, I managed to achieve my goal.

I’m not sure my runners will ever be the same again though!


Thanks for reading.